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Our Company

We are a boutique executive search firm devoted to recruiting exceptional leaders and professionals that align with
your company’s culture and business needs.

The foundation of our company
built on trust.

How We Succeed

Success is built on a true partnership with our clients. We become expert at understanding the corporate culture, core values, environment, leadership style the personality’ of our clients” – which is critical to a successful search.


Dunlavy & Associates is built on a reputation of creating and cultivating relationships based on trust, excellence, commitment, and integrity.  These relationships allow insight to be gained that promote a confident decision on talent selection.


Our candidates are selected from a wide array of sources, networks, and evaluated using specialized tools.  We understand how to deliver talent that exhibit proven performance, preferred leadership traits and execute natural workplace behavior.

Enduring Placements

A successful search and lasting placement stems beyond traditional mechanizedsteps of an executive search. Dunlavy & Associates prides itself on the ability to find and assess candidates’ core human values.

World Class Talent Selection

We believe that a position should not be filled simply based on words on a resume, rather it should be bolstered with truly top talent. We deliver candidates with intrinsic leadership and human values, genuine to themselves and the business in which they will serve.

Talk The Talk, Walk The Walk

  Talk The Talk, Walk The Walk   If you’ve won “Employer of Choice” award(s) and used said award(s) in your PR, marketing, recruiting, sales, and/or employer branding efforts, NOW is the time to back that shit up. It’s time to...

Interseller: Strategies for Recruiting Outreach during COVID-19

  Interseller: Strategies for Recruiting Outreach During COVID-19   Times are hard for everyone. Internal and external recruiting teams are feeling the pressure now more than ever. Whether your organization is impacted by a hiring freeze, a drastic change in...

The BIG Recovery

  The BIG Recovery   At some point in the (hopefully near) future, we’re going to think about what all we learned from our time during the global crisis that is COVID-19. Right now we don’t have the answers, hell, we might not even have the time...

3 Steps to Developing a Successful Retail Hiring Strategy in 2020

  3 Steps to Developing a Successful Retail Hiring Strategy in 2020   With Covid-19 cases growing exponentially in the US, retailers are scrambling to deal with multiple challenges. From plummeting sales and stalling supply chains to keeping employees safe...

If you need a distraction…

  Last week I sent this email out to a group of industry friends. It was a lighthearted way to help folks cope with the stress of COVID-19. Since I sent the email out I’ve decided to make the Google doc a list here and thus more publicly available to...

HCM Talent Technology Roundup – April 3, 2020

  Job Boards Feel COVID-19’s Impact; New Recruiting Tech Gets a Boost    When 3.3 million workers file unemployment claims in a week, you know the recruiting world’s going to change. As the COVID-19 pandemic gathered steam, blogs, and trade...

The Consumer-Driven Candidate

  The Consumer-Driven Candidate   Recruiting in 2008 was heartbreaking. I can remember receiving resumes from just about everyone in the home-building or mortgage-lending business. The housing market came to a literal standstill. Candidates applied to jobs...

Hive Tech HR: Open Forum Discussion

Open Forum: 7 IMMEDIATE Considerations for your HR System in light of COVID-19 From HiveTech HR: Join the Discussion, Friday, April 3rd from 3:30-4:00 p.m. ET. We’ll be focusing on 7 IMMEDIATE Considerations for your HR System in light of COVID-19. Register...

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