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Our Company

We are a boutique executive search firm devoted to recruiting exceptional leaders and professionals that align with
your company’s culture and business needs.

The foundation of our company
built on trust.

How We Succeed

Success is built on a true partnership with our clients. We become expert at understanding the corporate culture, core values, environment, leadership style the personality’ of our clients” – which is critical to a successful search.


Dunlavy & Associates is built on a reputation of creating and cultivating relationships based on trust, excellence, commitment, and integrity.  These relationships allow insight to be gained that promote a confident decision on talent selection.


Our candidates are selected from a wide array of sources, networks, and evaluated using specialized tools.  We understand how to deliver talent that exhibit proven performance, preferred leadership traits and execute natural workplace behavior.

Enduring Placements

A successful search and lasting placement stems beyond traditional mechanizedsteps of an executive search. Dunlavy & Associates prides itself on the ability to find and assess candidates’ core human values.

World Class Talent Selection

We believe that a position should not be filled simply based on words on a resume, rather it should be bolstered with truly top talent. We deliver candidates with intrinsic leadership and human values, genuine to themselves and the business in which they will serve.

PODCAST: The Strength of NO

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  Recruitment has evolved drastically in the last few years with widespread changes in strategies and the technology used to implement them. Unlike before, you no longer get to pick the talent, the talent decides where to go. Finding and hiring the right...

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  Finding skilled and high-quality candidates is the number one challenge for recruiters. It’s no wonder. As a country, we’re at full employment. For the first time in 20 years, there are more job openings than there are people unemployed....

Hiring Challenges Will Constrain Tech Growth in 2020

  There’s a market-share war occurring in technology and its implications are widespread, presenting major challenges to recruiters. We’re in the later innings of an expansion cycle and market share is top-of-mind for executives.  Companies have...

Guide For IT Recruiters: Types of Tests

  Perhaps you have had a similar experience. Your manager brings you a new job from a client. We need a tester! ASAP! Pronto, pronto, Andale, Andale! You get a short description, which is way more than you usually get, so you can’t complain. There is some...

3 Reasons To Not Hire Like A Tech Company

    We aren’t a “–insert term here—” we are a Technology company!   Heard that line before?  The first thing I would say is, don’t play along.  How do you recruit differently now that you are hiring for...

Is Your Recruitment Model Reactive or Proactive?

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  Over the last few years, I’ve covered Gen Z a lot. I’m talking articles, webinars, speaking engagements – you name it. To the extent that some have questioned my authority on the subject, given that I’m apparently not a member of the...

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