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Our Company

We are a boutique executive search firm devoted to recruiting exceptional leaders and professionals that align with
your company’s culture and business needs.

The foundation of our company
built on trust.

How We Succeed

Success is built on a true partnership with our clients. We become expert at understanding the corporate culture, core values, environment, leadership style the personality’ of our clients” – which is critical to a successful search.


Dunlavy & Associates is built on a reputation of creating and cultivating relationships based on trust, excellence, commitment, and integrity.  These relationships allow insight to be gained that promote a confident decision on talent selection.


Our candidates are selected from a wide array of sources, networks, and evaluated using specialized tools.  We understand how to deliver talent that exhibit proven performance, preferred leadership traits and execute natural workplace behavior.

Enduring Placements

A successful search and lasting placement stems beyond traditional mechanizedsteps of an executive search. Dunlavy & Associates prides itself on the ability to find and assess candidates’ core human values.

World Class Talent Selection

We believe that a position should not be filled simply based on words on a resume, rather it should be bolstered with truly top talent. We deliver candidates with intrinsic leadership and human values, genuine to themselves and the business in which they will serve.

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Opening the Kimono on Natural Language

Opening the Kimono on Natural Language  The working world is rife with clichés, repeated ad nauseam in meetings, thought leadership, and the like. You hear things about peeling back the layers and thinking outside the box. You get advice about why you...

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How Your Recruitment Strategies Need to Change During COVID-19 COVID-19 has dramatically changed the world in a very short space of time. This has shaken us all and the result is that our world has changed. It is not surprising then, that the world of recruiting will...

HCM Talent Technology Roundup – May 22, 2020

  Potholes Appear in Virtual Hiring Employers are hiring. Not a lot, but they’re hiring. And even though more than 38 million people are now on the job market, recruiters say they’re not rushing to hire just anyone when they have a critical role to...

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